Blanks and Inks

Choosing the Right Blank for You

A quality print starts with a quality blank. Whether your are running a high end, promotional or price point program, we have the right blank for you. And depending on what blank you choose, we will help help by choosing the rights ink for both look and feel, and keep it production friendly. Below you will find just some of the suppliers we have great relationships with. If you don't see the brand you're looking for, don't worry, we can get it.

Ink Choices

Screen Works offer inks for process printing, index color printing, water base printing, simulated process for dark garments, discharge, pigment discharge ink, high density inks, glitters, metallic’s, shimmers, puff inks, glow in the dark and standard pantone colors. In addition, all our inks are lead and formaldehyde free. Testing results from an international accredited testing lab are available upon request.