Submitting Artwork

Vector Artwork Files ( Ai and .Eps)

•All type that has been set must be converted to outlines (curves).

•If the vector file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet Motion Company’s minimum requirement for resolution when rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be submitted with the original vector file.

•Please convert all colors in your artwork to spot color and label the swatches with PMS (Pantone™ Matching System) numbers. By utilizing the Pantone® Matching System, we are able to communicate color clearly.

Raster Artwork Files (.Psd and .Tif)

•All Raster elements and art files must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size.

•All Raster images must meet or exceed 300 ppi (pixels-per-inch) when rendered at the actual imprint size.

•All raster elements must be submitted in the original color space (RGB or CMYK). We recommend full color graphics in RGB colorspace. If your artwork was created in CMYK colorspace, do not convert to RGB color.

FTP Upload

Another option Screen Works offers is the use of our FTP. When you are ready to provide us with your artwork please send us an email to request an upload link. Once we receive an email from you , we will forward you instruction to a secure upload site.